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The Partnership got started 2002 when it was learned that a residence in the town of Bernalillo, N.M., near Albuquerque, belonging to the Order of St. Francis, was to be sold. One of the sisters living there, Joan Brown, sought sponsorship to purchase the house as an educational center for earth spirituality. “Partners” quickly rallied to this cause, funds were raised, pledges made, program plans discussed, architectural drawings sketched out.

But in the end, it was not to be. The Order had a need for an uncomplicated infusion of funds—and without delay—not the responsibility of backstopping a farflung enterprise whose funding prospects were interesting, but shaky. And so, the venture fell through. No one was angry, or even very disappointed. For we had created a Partnership in the process. That was our “real” real estate—a group of fine people who believed in earth spirituality and wanted to share its vision with others. Some day, perhaps, a house or other structure will be offered to carry on the work—the “great work” as Thomas Berry calls it—but in fact the work goes on in the way intended.

At a day-long meeting in Placitas, New Mexico, after we had finally realized that a “center” was not to be, a new vision, having nothing to do with real estate, began to evolve: That ours should be a ministry in motion, and more a vital one for being so. The “partnership” is the key, and you who are reading this, can be a part of it. Our aim, through this website, a newsletter, and other means is to seek new partners drawn from those who are looking for fulfilling ways to experience, and then express a spiritual connection with the earth. With our partners, then, we have created projects and programs that are intentionally innovative, transferable, and which give us a sense of wholeness with the Earth.

Since then, the Partnership became incorporated and is now a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt membership organization. Some of our projects attract a hundred people or more. Some just a handful. Some require a bit of separate funding from donors, some have (quite modest) fees attached, some require only that participants just show up.


Two cooks on one Coleman stove

Blowing Bubbles by the Pecos
Women's Wilderness Soul Quest Retreat, Pecos Wilderness, June 2005

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