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Because artistic expression can convey the spirit of the earth as affectingly as any other form of human communication, the Partnership, which has many renowned artists and musicians among its members, features music, paintings, photographs, batiks, and other forms of graphic arts in this section. The captions associated with each picture are provided by the artists, and additional works are available for viewing. In this way, viewers can learn more about the artists and, if so moved, acquire some of their works. Artworks represented here are chosen by a selection committee appointed by the Partnership board. For more information, please contact the webmaster.

P. Malcom: Loch Ine Eye Well, Ireland

Loch Ine Eye Well, Ireland Detail

Artist: Pat Malcolm
Sacred Spaces

“There’s a deep desire in me to create work which speaks of the sacredness of nature. Inspiration leaps from the mystery encountered in this universe we call home.”

—Pat Malcolm
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D. Bowen: Green Man

Green Man, Detail

Artist: Dorothy Bunny Bowen
The Sacred Grove

“Our ancestors interpreted this magic through the mythology of the Green Man, a leafy face who peers down from medieval cathedral vaults. Remembered as Jack of the Green, the Green Knight, Robin Hood, Green Man is on my mind as I seek the sacred in nature.”

—Dorothy Bunny Bowen
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W. Ford: The Guardians

The Guardians, Detail

Artist: Wallace Ford

“Landscape teaches the Earth Story, generously providing us with metaphors which enrich our understanding of the human vocation within the unfolding creation. Northern New Mexico landscapes, because of their variety and often starkness, narrate the story in ways not easily found in other settings.”

—Wallace Ford
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Stephen J. Miller

Musician: Steve Miller

“The website presents various expressions of StepJMil (me). I sing and play guitar with the Celtic Coyotes. I also write songs. Some I sing in churches. A few churches use my songs even when I’m not there, and from that I get royalties from CCLI if the church reports the use (link to songs for worship). Other songs arise from my psyche as the muse strikes (link). I also write poems, musings, and thoughts (link). ...The Celtic Coyotes plays and sings traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Brittany. But the “Coyote” in the name suggests other possibilities. You may contact Celtic Coyotes through this site. You may also contact me about my other music.”

—Stephen J. Miller
More about Stephen J. Miller

Eileen Shaughnessy

Musician: Eileen Shaughnessy

“As a musician and a songwriter, I am inspired by just being open to amazement and wonder...something we sometimes forget to do in our busy lives. I love the magic of music and how songs can create worlds within and outside of our own world. I’ve been known to write songs about chickens, revolution, and of course, love. My music is sometimes folk-y, sometimes dance-y, and it's always infused with that same sense of wonder. I envision my album for the Harvest CSA project as a collection of catchy, heart-breaking, and pop-infused stories sharing amazement and wonder.”

—Eileen Shaughnessy
More about Eileen

©All art shown on this site is copyrighted by the artists and may not be copied or reproduced in any way without their express written permission.

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